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Every product you will find on my website is unique. It was not made in a factory nor imported in large quantity. I design my decorations myself, laser cut and paint them by hand. No two items will be the same, because are made of natural materials such as wood. Their small imperfections only prove that it is the result of human work and not a computer..

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Wooden flowers


A floral tris may consist of:

  • fern leaf
  • eucalyptus
  • wild rose
  • rose
  • orchid
  • forget-me-nots

Hand-drawn, created with love for detail and illustration, made of plywood in natural color, 3mm thick. Line drawing engraved on one side of the flower.


Flowers vary in shape and size, the tallest are about 28cm .

Create a flower arrangement of the three most beautiful flowers in your opinion.


EUCALYPTUS: has purifying properties; frees places from negative energy. It is a symbol of health and longevity

FERN LEAF: symbol of love, purity, invisibility and protection against evil; in the legends there is talk of a beautiful fern flower that blooms only once a year... oh happy whoever finds it!

WILD ROSE: in Greek and Roman mythology closely associated with love and beauty. Some also say that it is a symbol of purity and marriage...

ROSE: from white to red, choose colors carefully to convey the right message; from innocence and purity to love and romance

FORGET-NOT: in many countries it is used to commemorate events from the past; in the history of art, it is a symbol of remembering loved ones who have passed away

ORCHID: an exotic flower whose beauty will take your breath away; a symbol of affection, romantic relationships and feelings... white orchids are often used in wedding bouquets


Each set is packed in a decorative cardboard box lined with wood wool, and its contents wrapped in tissue paper. The whole is suitable for a gift. It is possible to attach a wooden label to the bouquet (rectangular with various patterns). Please send your message with your signature (up to 45 characters) in a message. The label is included in the price of the set.

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