about me

My name is Kasia, but my middle name is Balbina. Yes. This information alone can bring a smile to many faces. In my professional (or life) career I have been a waitress, a Starbucks bartender, a lady Architect, a patent draughtswoman, a professor's assistant at the university, and a lady Project Manager at a construction site. Yes, such a small creature with an important position and a helmet, shoes with a metal sole and a much too large jacket in the fashionable orange color. I worked in several countries speaking several languages. All of this taught me that there is no such thing that cannot be learned if you just spend enough time on it. In addition, that life offers opportunity to those who believe in it and follow their path.

So what is DAK-art?

The name comes from "Digital Art and (C)Kraft," which means digital art and craft (or/and strength from German), and the logo is such a creative invention to also help remember the name. This company this from start to finish me. I decide myself what designs will be created here, how I will lay them out. I do a lot of prototyping and selection of materials, colors or accessories myself. I make many mistakes, but I learn something new each time .

love to create

I create whatever my soul desires. In my free time I paint, stick ceramics or draw with a thin pen. At "work" I create decorations from wood, paper, engraved steel. I combine digital design with hand painting and drawing. I try to find as much time as possible for this my work. It is a new challenge and adventure for me, which I love. However, I rarely work after hours. I've been through this before. Now I put my family - my partner Max and our daughter first. I hope that from a young age she will believe what power each of us has to create our own lives.