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Every product that is processed can be found on my site which is unique. It was not created in a factory or imported in large quantities. My decorations are designed by me, laser cut and hand painted. No two are the same, because they are created with natural materials such as wood. Their small imperfections only demonstrate that they are the result of human work and not of a computer, while as regards the shop of t-shirts and objects, I have to use a print tester, since I cannot have such a large warehouse.
But every design reproduced on the material was designed and approved before being sent to print.


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DIY kits

Flower and herb pressing and drying set with personalized and engraved cover. 
Set includes:
- two boards cut to size 24cmx19cm (thickness of plywood 6mm),
- 10 compartments made of cardboard cut to the same size,
- 4 brass screws with a length of 6 cm
- 4 butterfly nuts made of brass
On the cover hand-drawn and engraved illustration and inspired by nature, symmetry and the underwater world. The title shown in the photos is only a suggestion, to be determined with the customer. 
The height of the press depends on the number of placed compartments, the screws in the set are 6cm high. In the photos you can see the press, which has just 6 compartments made of cardboard with flowers between and there is still plenty of space left for more compartments. 
I do not include any paper with the set. You can use kitchen paper towels for drying. They work great for this purpose. 


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